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At Essence Arts, we have extensive experience in locating emerging artists at varied price points. We understand the markers for talent in a complex art market. As an art curator for collectors we invest in art and artist. We look for powerful unique pieces that capture our attention, a process of balancing many considerations to evaluate an artist's investment potential and the quality of their art is integral.

"A visionary sees the future method and influences art and culture." 

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As an art investor, you play a key role in preserving culture for future generations. As a collector, you become a patron of the arts. Investing in an emergent artists supports their development, and establishes a personal relationship with the art and artist. As you develop a personal collection, you play a role as a patron of the arts. You may even influence the art scene and culture.

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As an emergent artist, Tom Boatright is the featured artist in Essence Arts Premier Magazine. Tom paints pure abstraction to impressionism on large canvases. His aesthetic is modern luxury inspired by the natural world. His paintings are sought after by private collectors around the world and grace hundreds of homes and commercial spaces. He exhibits his work in our La Quinta, California Gallery. 

2022poppi1H2A4655 Kristina Lee.jpg
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