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Invest in Emerging Art

In the modern art market, with a robust online inventory and galleries exhibiting at fairs as well as brick and mortar shops, having an art consultant to curate for you can be very beneficial.

It is not simply a matter of what art enhances the space but which artists will retain their value and prove to be lucrative. At Essence Arts, we have extensive experience curating art and offer a full turnkey art consultancy and bespoke commissioning service for residential and commercial projects. We are personal and professional in our approach with both clients and artists.

We navigate the expansive world of primary and secondary art markets to discover emergent talent. Investors seek emerging artists, whose investment potential can yield significant returns. Carefully vetting emergent artists with visible talent and unique methods are prospects to gain in stature. These emerging talents earn collectors and investors considerable profit as the artist's career expands.

At Essence Arts, we have extensive experience in locating emerging artists at varied price points. We understand the markers for talent in a complex art market. As art curators for collectors, we invest in art and artist. We look for powerful unique pieces that capture our attention, a process of balancing many considerations to evaluate an artist's investment potential and the quality of their art is integral.

As an art investor, you play a key role in preserving culture for future generations. As a collector, you become a patron of the arts. Investing in an emergent artist supports their development, and establishes a personal relationship with the art and artist. As you develop a personal collection, you play a role as a patron of the arts. You may even influence the art scene and culture. Investors often resist selling their favorite pieces, regardless of value, preferring that they remain in their legacy.

We enjoy seeking emergent talent that has not yet escalated in stature as these artists have the highest potential for investment growth. We believe that these artists are the visionaries that have affected culture for centuries.


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