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Elemental Design | Connecting Humanity with Nature

WATER - Fluidity with reflective shades of blues, silver, grey and greens with seashell beiges and pearlescent.

Thousands of years ago, the Chinese developed a design system for arranging objects to create spatial harmony. It incorporates the five elements to increase the vital energy or chi.

Lets explore the Water Element. Water is associated with abundance, prosperity, movement, cleansing, purification, and the flow of emotions. When it comes to representing water in your space, place your focus on calming ponds over violent tidal waves.

Water is associated with wisdom, social life, and career. It is both deep and still, like the ocean, and dynamic and flowing, like a river. Water helps us make connections with others, and can also deepen our wisdom, insight, and intuition. You may want to add more water to your home if you want to increase your social connections, or enhance your intuition.

"To bring the water element into a home, try adding a water feature," Feng Shui expert, Patricia Lohan says. "That includes touches of blue, items that are curved, and images of water that are soothing; I wouldn’t recommend stormy-water images.”

Water element colors are black and shades of blue. While such dark colors might be overwhelming in some spaces, they can be beautiful and impactful as an accent wall. You can also introduce them in smaller ways with throw pillows or picture frames.

Artwork is a wonderful way to add the water element into your space. Check out Jason McQuaid's beautiful blown glass bowls or Christopher Jeffries intricate wall installations. The beauty and delicacy of blown glass is an excellent way to bring the water element in and elevate your space.


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